What You Can Expect

At HSA Bank, we understand the importance of security. That's why we are dedicated to providing our customers and business partners a safe and secure environment with which to process their transactions.


In the unlikely event that someone establishes unauthorized access to your personal account through our secure Internet Banking site at https://secure.hsabank.com/ibanking, you are fully covered for any funds removed from your personal deposit accounts, including loss of interest, insufficient funds and overdraft charges. To be fully covered, customers holding personal savings accounts must contact HSA Bank within 60 days of receiving your statement that contains the unauthorized activity. Please refer to the Deposit Account Disclosure for Health Savings Account for more information.

When you use HSA Bank Online Banking, your transactions will be processed correctly so long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of the HSA Bank Online Services Agreement.

Business Partners

HSA Bank provides secure access to business partners through our Employer Site (https://secure.hsabank.com/employer/main/login.aspx) and Business Relations Site (https://secure.hsabank.com/relations/login.aspx). HSA Bank places the security of all information at the center of its business. HSA Bank uses a variety of security methods including: data encryption, layered authentication, dual approval systems, system limits, and automatic lock-out functionalities to ensure data and online activity are always safe and secure.